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What makes Pretium different…

Pretium is redefining the MSP landscape with our new generation workforce management solution, seamlessly fusing service, technology and data to bolster compliance, cost control, and efficiency.

  • Unrivaled Cost-Effectiveness: We stand apart with zero annual service management fees, and generating our clients an approximate 10% annualised savings.
  • Data-Powered Decision Making: Our Data as a Service feature furnishes instant insights, enabling smart decisions on-the-go.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Our rigorous Labour Supply Chain Assurance continuously audits to counteract risks linked with the Criminal Finance Act 2017. Additionally, our tools address the IR35 and CIS concerns, delivering utmost certainty.
  • Future-Proof Solutions: We keep a finger on the pulse of evolving tax and employment laws, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead.
  • Neutral Supply Chain Strategy: Our unbiased approach ensures the acquisition of top-tier contingent talent.
  • Trust & Collaboration: Esteemed by leading FTSE, Fortune 500 companies and staffing agencies, our ethos revolves around fairness, transparency, and forward-thinking. We’re not just another MSP; we foster trusted commercial communities driven by mutual respect and equity.

At Pretium, our unparalleled blend of value, compliance, and partnership positions our clients as the go-to destination for top-tier, diverse temporary talent. Central to our success is our genuine commitment to collaboration, continuous enhancement, and strengthening client relationships.


Why we were formed…

Pretium, founded by recruitment industry veteran Sam Skelton, started as a pioneering Workforce Management Solution filling a crucial market niche.

With two decades of experience in temporary recruitment, Sam recognised the need for a solution that serves both clients and suppliers harmoniously, without creating unnecessary barriers. Launched in 2017, Pretium began modestly with a single client, a trio of agencies, and Sasha, the lone team member, coordinating a daily roster of 120 temporary workers.

The company’s growth trajectory has been remarkable, scaling up swiftly thanks to its ‘complement not compete’ philosophy. Through its Managed Service Programs, Pretium has fostered a supportive network that has developed robust, sustainable relationships between end-hirers and temporary labour providers, while streamlining the end-to-end hiring operations. This approach has not only enhanced collaboration but also maximized efficiencies.

Today, Pretium has significantly expanded its reach, delivering tailored workforce solutions to a range of sectors such as Facilities Management, Construction, Hospitality, Energy, Utilities, Logistics, and Infrastructure.

With an impressive spend under management of over £180 million in client labour expenditure annually, Pretium partners with over 400 registered agencies throughout the UK and Ireland, testament to its successful model and the value it brings to the temporary labour market

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