UK Workers meeting extra Christmas expenses by turning to temporary work

1 in 4 UK workers are taking up temporary work this Christmas to help cover extra seasonal costs, according to research.

The research showed that more than a third of workers expect the additional work to cover seasonal expenses (36%), while the same proportion expect it to cover Christmas costs and some household bills. Even full-time workers are feeling the pinch, with 19% picking up temporary work, Indeed added. Nearly half of workers temping this holiday season (44%) say they did not need to do any extra work last year.

Meanwhile, the main motivation for 20% of those doing temporary work this Christmas is rocketing food and energy prices, with electricity and gas costs still at an all-time high.

Temporary workers in the UK are also seeing their average pay rise faster than all other job roles. Separate data revealed that the hourly pay rates for temporary jobs listed on its platform surged by an average of 8.56% over the past year, which outpaced the ONS (Office for National Statistics) figure of 7.8% from June to August 2023.